About Me

Hello, I’m Tanveer Kabir, a musician, traveler, food writer and food photographer from Bangladesh. Throughout the site, I will only be writing about the places I myself have visited and review food I myself have eaten, using photos and video clips which I captured during my adventures both inside and outside my home country.

New posts will appear every week so feel free to Bookmark the site to make the most out of it. You can also follow me on instagram @tanveerkabir for lots and lots of food and travel updates.

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  1. Tanvir Ahmed Abir says:

    Actually I read u r article about the 6 burger u must eat…I like u r post very much..can u give me pls the address all of that shop…bcz I am new in Dhaka… I am waiting for ur response


    1. Takeout: Shimanto Square
      Madchef: Dhanmondi 3A
      CFC: Dhanmondi 27 (old)
      Smoke Cafe: Banani 11
      Preetom: Kamal Ataturk Avenue, look for the building with the ‘Bata’ sign.
      American Burger: Dhanmondi 3A; Gulshan 2 (opposite of DCC market)


  2. Zarifa says:

    Looooooove! Your site/blog🤔 gotta be a famous food lover #mycousign😎😟


  3. Mou says:

    What a great job!well done. Next time I visit you should company me to some 😊👌🏼


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